short & sweet

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(readers should be advised that the title of this post refers to our trip in October, and not in any way to the length of the post itself.) Hi friends! This trip to Ghana was amazing. I found myself waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. This was our shortest visit yet, and as such we were … Read More

love, sacrifice, and coconuts

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If you have walked with us down this path for very long, you know that we have not had the best relationship with social welfare. Details aside, it has been a journey in patience and humility. We have learned a lot. To summarize, the village where the Yellow House is located is a long, long way from the island where … Read More

Through Darren’s Eyes

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Ninety percent of the people I know are “into photography,” which is completely fantastic: the more pictures the merrier! But when Darren first mentioned owning a photography business (Common Grace) I didn’t really think anything of it. Cue sixish months later, when I opened a file containing all of his pictures from our trip to Ghana and spent the remainder … Read More

Another Ghana Visit

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Well, we’ve added another notch to our “Trips to Ghana” belt. This was our shortest visit yet and a bit of a whirlwind: we left on Friday the 22nd, around noon, and arrived back on Friday the 29th at 3:45pm. We might have been a little sleep deprived, but generally, we had a fantastic, extremely productive week! Per usual, we … Read More